Through our sustainability project in Ivory Coast, we are bridging the gap between international trade and the socio-economic imperatives of the Toumodi area.

This venture is a win-win situation for the local socio – economic actors and the CIC Group.


Investing in local crops and agriculture in a sustainable way which will impact lives of hundreds of farmers in Toumodi region of Côte d’Ivoire.


Harvesting niche and diverse products (turmeric and annatto) rather than mass agriculture and monocropping which is often water-intensive and damages the environment.

Producing super-food and natural colorants which are seeing a surge in demand these past few years and will be certainly sought after in the coming years.

Impacting the social lives of the local population by allowing them to stay in their village/region rather than having to go to the big cities. Impacting their day-to-day lives and building much needed infrastructure (schools, roads etc.)



Our project is to grow curcuma and annatto on our agricultural land.

CIACI owns 152 hectares of land in the village of Yobouebo which is part of the sub-prefecture of Toumodi.

Cultures will be irrigated by the N’Zi river which lies next to our plot.

The plan is to harvest 40 hectares of the land in order to grow turmeric and 90 hectares of the land in order to grow annatto.

The rest of the land will be used for different kind of infrastructure projects such as an office, a kitchen, sanitaries, a warehouse, 15km of roads.

From the social perspective, this project will create 100 new jobs in the village of Yobouebo which will highly benefit the local population especially from rural exodus which undermines all the regions of Côte d’Ivoire

From the ecological perspective, the annatto tree is a formidable tree to regenerate the soil and surrounding vegetation. Curcuma roots on the other hand are also extremely useful for the local fauna and flora in order to create a balanced ecosystem.

Both culture will be realized in the most efficient and sustainable way with the latest irrigation techniques that will enable us to optimize the crop yield.

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